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Welcome to our new website.  A lot  of time and effort have gone into this new website and we are excited to share with our existing patients and new ones we hope to meet.  First off, you will notice a more polished look to the website.  After the cosmetics, we hope you will find it easier to navigate and find the information you need.  We have added some new capabilities through the website that we hope will make your experience in our office a pleasant one.  I hope to use the blog to answer frequently asked questions or just update you on our practice. 

We have added the patient forms to download for those who are new to the practice and those who need to update their information.  You still can email us at the same address you have used in the past.  Along with patient forms, we have added the capability to request an appointment time via the web.   We know your time is valuable and hopefully the new enhancements will help.  

Millie, Soffie and LolaAs I become more comfortable with this new blog, I hope to address many of the questions I get each day by so many.  I find that even with the access to information patients are still confused by what is out there.  If you have any suggestions for topics do not hesitate to mention it to me or any of my staff members.

I already had suggestions on the blog from dental questions and updates on my girls.  For those of you, new to the practice, my girls are my three Labrador retrievers.  Millie is the oldest, 7 year old black lab and my first.  The twins, Soffie and Lola, are 2 year old silver labs.  And yes, Millie does have her own cat named Minxie.  They are the same age and are inseparable friends.  

 I hope this blog will be of some assistance, amusement and a source of information.  I look forward to any suggestions you may have on topics.  You can send your suggestions to  I am excited about this new opportunity for information exchange.

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